Durango Effect
California Based Film Production Studio
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Durango Partners with the team at Nike SB to create a short to document go skate day in LA. Shot in West Los Angeles it is to the voice of Craig Stecyk and stars Paul Rodriguez & Eric Koston . The Nike SB team re-invents an age old location to bring it new life for generations to come. 

Nike SB.  Skateboarding has always been close to all of our hearts at Durango.  CR Stecyk received the Audience Choice Award at Sundance for his film Dogtown and Z Boys, documenting the skateboarding past of Venice, Ca.  The experiential film below features Nike SB Athletes Eric Kosten and Paul Rodriquez among others and was filmed at the West L.A. Courthouse, which is now open to skate everyday. 

Working closely with the Nike SB team and the City of Los Angeles we documented the transformation of the West LA Courthouse from an abandoned wasteland, to a modern urban gathering place and skate park.