Durango Effect
California Based Film Production Studio
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Who We Are

The Durango Effect is a Southern California based film studio producing content for entertainment & advertising.


Film, Commercial, and High Quality Social Content for Brands and Athletes.  


Blake Vincent Kueny

Director & Founder @blakevincentkueny

Blake Kueny is a film and commercial director. He is best known for “View From a Blue Moon,” a critically acclaimed surf film starring John John Florence that GQ called the “Most Stunning Surf Film Ever Made.” 

On the commercial side, Blake has continued his work with top talents like Kobe Bryant & Austin Russell. His commercials include work for Nike and Samsung, and agencies R/GA, Chiat Day, and W + K . Blake took the helm for the broadcast launch of the 2017 Harley Davidson motorcycle, the first new Harley Davidson model in 20 years, and has created spots for Valero, the largest independent clean fuel provider in the United States. In addition, he’s collaborated with advertising veterans David Page and Brent Bouchez on a series of broadcast and web content for Beneficial Bank. 

Though Blake is only twenty-six years old, his work has an elegance and poeticism that pushes far beyond his years. His love of directing is evident in every frame. 


Joseph Dugan

Executive Producer & Founder

Joseph Dugan is the executive producer and founder of the Durango Effect. Joseph has worked in advertising for 20 years and won numerous international awards, including fourteen Cannes Lions and multiple appearances on Cannes Palm D’Or list.

Joseph co-founded the Durango Effect to create advertising films that ring with authenticity.  With the help of Craig Stecyk, the Durango Effect has created content for Coca-Cola, Nike, Samsung, Oakley, Harley Davidson, and Hurley. Both Craig and Joseph worked in varying capacities on Blake Kueny’s "View From A Blue Moon."   

Before launching the Durango Effect, Joseph worked with iconic Argentine director Andy Fogwill to found LANDIA, the award-winning international boutique commercial production company in the United States. .


Craig Stecyk III

Creative Director & Founder @crstecykiii

Craig Stecyk III is a critically acclaimed writer, photographer, filmmaker and fine artist. For more than 30 years, he has been a driving force behind surf and skate culture, beginning with his friendship with Miki Dora, the impossibly cool Black Knight of Malibu who epitomized 1960’s beach culture. Through his articles and photographs, including his co-authorship of Dora Lives, The Authorized Biography, Stecyk cemented Dora’s status as surfing’s iconic outlaw.  From there, he went on to launch the careers of scores of storied figures.

In the early 1970’s, Stecyk co-founded Zephyr Surf Shop, a hub of innovation. Stecyk airbrushed graffiti style images on Zephyr boards, which revolutionized surfing’s aesthetic, and the shop space became a club house that gave birth to the Z-Boys, a young team of surfers and skaters who gained a legendary status in skate history. Through his artistic documentation of Z-Boys, Stecyk transformed skateboarding’s pop culture image from a passing children’s fad into an art form. Stecyk’s edgy, aggressive style eventually defined the sensibility of action sports as a whole.

As creative director for Powell Peralta and their Bones Brigade skate team, Stecyk wrote and directed films that continued to define skating and the California aesthetic. Bones Brigade and Future Primitive remain cultural signposts for millions worldwide. 

Stecyk has participated in hundreds of fine art exhibitions around the world, and was a standout at Kustom Kulture in the 1990’s, Beautiful Losers in the 2000’s, and later in the decade, LA MOCA’s Art in the Streets. Stecyk’s work is in the permanent national collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. 

For over three decades, Stecyk has been one of the most entertaining voices in Thrasher Magazine’s gossip column. His film, Dogtown and Z-Boys, garnered the Audience Choice award at the Sundance Film Festival. Commercials he has worked on have won Cannes Lions. Often called an instigator, Craig pushes his creative teammates to reach new highs of innovation.