Durango Effect
California Based Film Production Studio
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Durango Effect teamed up with Agency Bouchez Page out of NYC to create two spots for Beneficial Bank in Philadelphia, PA. The goal was to showcase real bank employees from the tell to the CEO and create a neighborhood sensibility. Blake Vincent Kueny utilizes the Shotover to capture the scale of the historical city.  

Blake Kueny and Philadelphia based Beneficial Bank connected on a series of content in the fall. Casting over 4 days, using bank employees and spending time exploring and scouting Philadelphia, Durango created two thirty second spots and a sixty for web content. Working Closely with David Page and Brent Bouchez, Blake Kueny worked as Director DP, as well handling edit responsibility working out of the agency's New York studio.  

With only 2 days to capture 10 locations featuring 'real people' acting, Blake deployed a 2nd unit to cover the city, using a truck mounted Shotover F1 while he focused a small team on allowing time for the acting. The 2 units would synch up at the end of the day, and Blake would jump in to shoot the city at sunset from the truck. A great city, incredible light and a lot of fun. 

Beneficial CEO Gerry Cuddy speaks to the camera in front of the 2nd National Bank of the US, Blake Kueny scouting, Crosstown Traffic; Philadelphia, David Page and Blake Kueny in New York City.