Durango Effect
California Based Film Production Studio
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R/GA LA teamed up with Durango Effect to shoot Kobe Bryant in an Orange County studio. Director Blake Vincent Kueny & Director of Photography John Schwartzman had 90 mins with Mr. Bryant and what he said in that time was prolific. Blake thought the Mamba Mentaility message could be applied to other great athletes of the world and with the blessing of Bob Hurley this Mamba message cut perfectly with John Florence winning his first world title. 

R/GA Los Angeles & Blake collaborated on a project with Kobe Bryant to archive the "Mamba Mentality" the message was used as motivation to NCAA player during March Madness. Blake and Craig enlisted the help of Academy Award Nominee John Schwartzman as the Director of Photography and filmed The Mamba in Orange County, Ca. in the the Spring of 2017.  

Bob Hurley heard about our work with Kobe and asked Durango and Blake to create the Mamba Mash-up above featuring John Florence. Bob felt it was a vialbe example of the close parallel between surfing at the highest level, and Kobe's, Mamba Mentality.